Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free ebooks download Hungry Minds - Macworld DVD Studio Pro Bible pdf file

Free ebook download Hungry Minds - Macworld DVD Studio Pro Bible and learn it easily. Here are some contents from this book.

Questions about DVD Studio Pro
If you have a question about DVD Studio Pro or DVD in general, try the following:
1. Make sure you’ve read the DVD Studio Pro Bible, and the latest DVD Studio Pro
manual. If you have DVD Studio Pro 1.0, you can download the free upgrade
to 1.1 from, and it comes with an
expanded manual.
2. Try going to and see if someone has already asked the same
question and see the answer.
3. Visit to see if the answer is in the DVD FAQ. The
DVD FAQ is also on the DVD-ROM that goes with this book, in HTML format.
4. Try going to or
support/ and look through the latest topics and postings......

Considering multitrack recording
A typical scenario when working with audio for a DVD project is that you are simply
using the audio that was recorded with the original video. Depending on the camera,
in most cases this audio is stereo, two-channel audio (left and right). If you
want to work with audio in a standalone application, and perhaps add additional
segments, such as director commentary, or take a finished music clip and adjust it,
a program capable of two channels may be adequate.
Another scenario is that you wish to record an initial track, such as dialogue (or in
the case of a typical music album, perhaps the drums), and then record additional
tracks, such as voices and sound effects (or musicians). You then mix these multiple
tracks down into the standard stereo (two-channel) audio file.......

The move from CD-ROM to DVD-ROM marks a major step forward in technology, but both
formats are rather static compared with the Internet’s ability to deliver content dynamically.
That is until ad2 developed a new technology called DynamicCD. While originally developed
for CD-ROM applications, the underlying programming code functions the same on
DVD-ROMs. Here’s how it works . . .