Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free ebook download Ebook-Building.Your.Business.with.Google.For.Dummies-DDU pdf file

Free ebook download Ebook-Building.Your.Business.with.Google.For.Dummies-DDU and learn many things. Here are some contentes from this book.

Google and Its Competition
Google’s dominance of consumer searching is awesome. There has been no
such near-monopoly since Yahoo! was the only important search-and-find
Web destination in 1994. The numbers have become a familiar mantra: more
than 200 million searches a day, constituting about 50 percent of global
search queries. Alongside those numbers looms Google’s activity as a business
partner to businesses of all sizes.....

Two Sides of the Google Coin
Google is really two companies: Google the search engine and Google the
business-services company. Together, the two sides form Google the media
company. Along the same lines, Google is employed by two breeds of user:
consumers who are searching and business partners of all sizes who seek
online visibility.
Google’s two sides can’t be separated like an Oreo cookie; they’re stuck
together by keywords. Keywords typed into the search engine are used also
to determine the ads placed next to the user’s search results, because advertisers
bid for the right to launch ads on those keywords.................

Google and Your Product
E-tailers whose catalogs range from one product to thousands can be represented
in Google’s two shopping portals: Google Catalogs and Froogle.
Google Catalogs is a search engine dedicated to displaying printed catalogs
and linking to their sites. It’s available only to companies that publish such
catalogs. Froogle is available to any business that sells a product through a
Web site.
There is no downside to being represented in Froogle and Google Catalogs.
Participation in both is free.........