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Free ebook download Medical - Yoga Hatha yoga pradipika pdf file

Free ebook download Medical - Yoga Hatha yoga pradipika and practice it. Here some contents from this book.

Just as water mixed with milk appears as milk, energy (prana) united with consciousness becomes
consciousness. So hatha yoga texts emphasise the restraint of energy, which can be more easily
achieved than the restraint of the fluctuations of the mind.......

Introduce a thin bamboo pipe into the anus, contract the anus muscle [to draw in the water] and move
the water around inside. This is vasti and cures troubles of the spleen, edema, and other ailments that
are due to an oversupply of vata, pitta, and kapha.........

The sound which in the region of the throat was still sound, has now penetrated to the heart and there
meets prana. A feeling rises like a deep happy breath and fills the heart, and the inner sound of the
mantra falls like a golden dewdrop on this budding happiness...........


Free ebook download Digital Art Photography For Dummies (2006) pdf file

Free ebook download Digital Art Photography For Dummies (2006) and learn everythings. Here some contents from this book.

Recognizing lines, shapes, and forms
You probably learned as a kid that two points make a line and that four lines
fit together to make a rectangle. Later in life, you also likely learned about
intersecting lines, parallel lines, and all the types of triangles. Then 3-D
spaces of area and volume were next.
I know, I know: “It’s math — ugh, geometry, at that! — and you can’t make me
like it any more than spinach.”..........

Color and the atmosphere
Color changes according to the light available, which in turn is affected by
environmental variables and atmospheric conditions, including pollution,
haze/fog, the season, and time/temperature of day.
Generally, the more polluted the sky is, the less intense the sun will be......

Overexpose and Underexpose
As I discuss in Chapter 5, you can do a lot to make your image stunning while
you shoot outdoors. When the sun shines on your subject, change your
exposure compensation so that it reads in the minus column
(underexposure) to deepen your colors...........


Free ebook download 1000 PhotoShop Tricks pdf file

Free ebook download 1000 PhotoShop Tricks and learn many things. If you learn, here some contents from this book.

This is the final image with what I consider to be a proper shadow. I eliminated all shadows except the one from the lighthouse to keep it simple.
The finishing touches on the shadow included addition of Gaussian Blur (Filter>Blur> Gaussian Blur) and using the eraser tool with a very large soft brush at 5% to lighten the shadow as it recedes from the image casting it, with repeated overlapping strokes. Shadows get lighter and softer as they recede.
It’s important, when doing an OOB image, to consider the space surrounding all the items included in the image..........

Basically, I wanted to find a way to create a sketched effect in Photoshop. It can be adapted in many ways toward the end to change the effect completely, so you'll hopefully find it quite versatile.
This assumes a reasonable knowledge of PS. I use PS6.............

Don't worry about the ACCESS drop down menus. Those are really for the moderators to limit who can see what pages.
To add an image to your tutorial simply click the UPLOAD IMAGE button. A popup window with an upload form will result. (You may need to turn off pop-up killers to use it). Choose Browse and find the image from your harddrive (this is a similar process to entering the contests here).........


Free ebook download 21 Income Streams- Multiple Ways to Make Money Online pdf file

Free ebook download 21 Income Streams- Multiple Ways to Make Money Online and learn it easily. Here some contents from this book.

Welcome to “21 Income Streams – Multiple Ways to Make Money Online”. This
ebook was written to help give you just a few ideas, the resources and hopefully even
the motivation to get started making lots of money online.
In this ebook I’m giving you 21 tried and tested ideas for making money online. These
are ways that I have personally used myself to make money online and others are
methods that I’ve seen other people or businesses use very successfully Either way, I
know that they’ll work if you put in the required action to get started and stick to it until
you achieve the results that you want.
When it comes to making money online, I believe that there are literally a million ways to
do it.................

Here are three ways that you can make money with a real estate portal:
1. Offer home sellers free basic listings with the option to upgrade to premium
listings which could include features such as virtual tours of their homes, more
pictures, more space for descriptions, longer advertising of listings, etc.
2. Sell advertising/sponsor space to real estate agents or local businesses
3. Make money from affiliate programs that cater to a wide range of consumer
needs that concern home buyers or seller................

Like a lot of other people on the Internet you may be looking for ways to supplement
your income by making extra money online. However, your amount of available time
may be limited due to your jobs, family or other responsibilities.............


Free ebook download Networking For Dummies pdf file

Free ebook download Networking For Dummies and learn it easily. Here some contents from this book.

We say traditionally because wireless solutions are also available for small
networks, and you may prefer to take that route. In fact, wireless is at a point now
where the network speed is comparable to traditional wired networks while offering
the flexibility of moving your computers just about anywhere in your home and
being able to connect.......

Also, the service must be available for the physical location of your home. Before you
can rush to order DSL services, your telephone company must provide the technology
that DSL requires, and you must live within about 3.5 miles (5.5 km) of a telephone
company central switching office (CO), or local telephone exchange as its known in

Here are some of the causes of low voltage, along with possible fixes:
l Too many appliances are plugged into the same circuit as your computer.
l An appliance that’s a voltage pig (central air conditioning, electric heating
systems) kicks on, disrupting voltage throughout the house.
l Your laser printer (or powerful inkjet color printer) is plugged into the same
circuit as your computer. See the section “Protecting Printers,” later in this


Free ebook download Wiley - Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All In One Desk Reference pdf file

Free ebook download Wiley - Macromedia Studio MX 2004 All In One Desk Reference and learn many things. Here some contents from this book. Please read it.

In addition to organizing your content by its file type, assigning meaningful
categories to your content makes developing your site infinitely easier. You
can organize your content in any way that makes logical sense for the site
you’re building..........

You can create an object with no fill, select a stroke color, and you’ve got an
outline. If you create an object with no fill and no stroke, well . . . you’ve got
nothing. But seriously, you use the Stroke color box to select an outline
color for an object...............

Setting non-template page editing options
Dreamweaver templates “lock” certain chunks of code so that people editing
pages based on those templates cannot change certain aspects of the way
the page is built to preserve the structure and look of the page..............


Free ebook download Macromedia Flash MX Bible pdf file

Free ebook download Macromedia Flash MX Bible and learn it easily. Here some contetns from this book.

Ready to take your Flash knowledge to the next level? Then Macromedia Flash MX Advanced
for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide is your ticket. Designed for professionals
like yourself-users who have mastered the basics of Flash but need help with the advanced
animation techniques and ActionScripting--this guide is a must-have for graphic designers,
Web animators, game programmers, interface designers, and multimedia pros.
In this volume, veteran Flash instructor Russell Chun eschews "cool effects" and case studies
for an approach that emphasizes methodology and problem-solving. Using the task-based
format that readers have come to expect from this popular series, Russell has divided the text
into three primary sections: animation, navigation, and interactivity...........

Another condition you can test for is whether a movie clip intersects another
movie clip. The game of Pong, for example, simply detects collisions between
the ball, the paddles, and the wall, all of which are movie clips. Detecting
movie- clip collisions can be useful on sophisticated e-commerce sites as well.
Suppose that you develop an online-shopping site that lets your customers
drag merchandise into a shopping cart...........

Use tweening wherever you can instead of frame-by-frame animation. In an
animation, Flash only has to remember the keyframes, making tweening a far
less memory-intensive task.
Tween symbols instead of groups. Each group in the keyframes of a tween
must be downloaded, whereas only the single symbol in a tween must be
downloaded. Moreover, groups don’t allow you to apply instance effects like
Tint, Brightness, or Alpha............


Free ebook download Dreamweaver MX Bible pdf file

Free ebook download Dreamweaver MX Bible and learn many things. If you like, here some contents from this book. Please read it.

Building any Web site—whether static or dynamic—is half craft and half art, and
Dreamweaver is the perfect tool for blending these often dueling disciplines. Dreamweaver’s
visual editor enables quick and artful page creation, and at the same time, its integrated text
editors offer the detail-oriented focus required by programmers........

Designing a Web site is a big job, and Dreamweaver is a big program;
both can be overwhelming when you first approach them. If
you’re new to Web design in general or Dreamweaver in particular, the
best way to learn either is to build several sample sites...........

Since Netscape Navigator 2.0, Web designers have been able to use background images and
color. Thanks to CSS Background attributes, designers can now use background images and
color with increased control. Whereas traditional HTML background images are restricted to
a single image for the entire browser window, CSS backgrounds can be specified for a single
paragraph or any other CSS selector. (To set a background for the entire page, apply the style
to the <body> tag.).................


Free ebook download John Wiley and Sons HTML 4 for Dummies Fourth Edition pdf file

Free ebook download John Wiley and Sons HTML 4 for Dummies Fourth Edition and learn it easily. Here some contents from this book.

The entity that represents the e with the acute accent is &eacute; and the entity that represents the umlauted u is
Tip As you might expect, the HTML specification lays out exactly which entity you use to replace every non-ASCII
character the specification supports........

The HTML 4.01 specification is the rulebook of HTML - it tells you exactly which elements you can use,
which attributes go with those elements, and how you use elements in combinations to create lists, forms,
tables frames, and other page structures.
The HTML specification uses Document Type Definitions (DTDs) written in the Standard Generalized
Markup Language (SGML) - the granddaddy of all markup - to define the details of HTML.....

HTML is rather straightforward, and it's pretty simple to create a tag or two and throw some text in - which
is great if you want to create a one-line Web page. However, there's much more to building a Web page
than just creating a couple of tags and adding some text..........


Free ebook download John Wiley & Sons - Microsoft Office Project 2003 Bible pdf file

Free ebook download John Wiley & Sons - Microsoft Office Project 2003 Bible and learn many things. Here some contents from this book.

Everybody does projects. Building a tree house is a project;
so is putting a man on the moon. From the simplest
home improvement to the most complex business or scientific
venture, projects are a part of most of our lives. But
exactly what is a project, and what can you do to manage all
its facets?
Some projects are defined by their randomness. Missed deadlines,
unpleasant surprises, and unexpected problems seem to
be as unavoidable as the weekly staff meeting. Other projects
have few problems. Nevertheless, the project that goes
smoothly from beginning to end is rare.....

Consider first creating a prototype of the system, and from your requirements document,
identify a few projects and project teams to participate in the prototype
test. Make sure that you select users who represent all the various roles that were
identified earlier so that you can fully test the system. Also, select projects that
don’t depend on other projects that won’t be a part of the prototype. Design and
develop the prototype system, and demonstrate it to the implementation team.
Make modifications to the prototype design based on input from the implementation
team, and demonstrate the prototype to senior management.......

This chapter is aimed at IT administrators—the people
who handle the hardware and software setup. If you’re an
everyday user or a project manager, you probably won’t enjoy
this chapter very much.
To install and use a Project Server database, you must install
certain software—and, in some cases, the software that you
install depends on the features of Project Server that you
decide to use. The hardware that you use must also meet some
basic specifications........