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Free ebook download Medical - Yoga Hatha yoga pradipika pdf file

Free ebook download Medical - Yoga Hatha yoga pradipika and practice it. Here some contents from this book.

Just as water mixed with milk appears as milk, energy (prana) united with consciousness becomes
consciousness. So hatha yoga texts emphasise the restraint of energy, which can be more easily
achieved than the restraint of the fluctuations of the mind.......

Introduce a thin bamboo pipe into the anus, contract the anus muscle [to draw in the water] and move
the water around inside. This is vasti and cures troubles of the spleen, edema, and other ailments that
are due to an oversupply of vata, pitta, and kapha.........

The sound which in the region of the throat was still sound, has now penetrated to the heart and there
meets prana. A feeling rises like a deep happy breath and fills the heart, and the inner sound of the
mantra falls like a golden dewdrop on this budding happiness...........


Free ebook download Digital Art Photography For Dummies (2006) pdf file

Free ebook download Digital Art Photography For Dummies (2006) and learn everythings. Here some contents from this book.

Recognizing lines, shapes, and forms
You probably learned as a kid that two points make a line and that four lines
fit together to make a rectangle. Later in life, you also likely learned about
intersecting lines, parallel lines, and all the types of triangles. Then 3-D
spaces of area and volume were next.
I know, I know: “It’s math — ugh, geometry, at that! — and you can’t make me
like it any more than spinach.”..........

Color and the atmosphere
Color changes according to the light available, which in turn is affected by
environmental variables and atmospheric conditions, including pollution,
haze/fog, the season, and time/temperature of day.
Generally, the more polluted the sky is, the less intense the sun will be......

Overexpose and Underexpose
As I discuss in Chapter 5, you can do a lot to make your image stunning while
you shoot outdoors. When the sun shines on your subject, change your
exposure compensation so that it reads in the minus column
(underexposure) to deepen your colors...........


Free ebook download 1000 PhotoShop Tricks pdf file

Free ebook download 1000 PhotoShop Tricks and learn many things. If you learn, here some contents from this book.

This is the final image with what I consider to be a proper shadow. I eliminated all shadows except the one from the lighthouse to keep it simple.
The finishing touches on the shadow included addition of Gaussian Blur (Filter>Blur> Gaussian Blur) and using the eraser tool with a very large soft brush at 5% to lighten the shadow as it recedes from the image casting it, with repeated overlapping strokes. Shadows get lighter and softer as they recede.
It’s important, when doing an OOB image, to consider the space surrounding all the items included in the image..........

Basically, I wanted to find a way to create a sketched effect in Photoshop. It can be adapted in many ways toward the end to change the effect completely, so you'll hopefully find it quite versatile.
This assumes a reasonable knowledge of PS. I use PS6.............

Don't worry about the ACCESS drop down menus. Those are really for the moderators to limit who can see what pages.
To add an image to your tutorial simply click the UPLOAD IMAGE button. A popup window with an upload form will result. (You may need to turn off pop-up killers to use it). Choose Browse and find the image from your harddrive (this is a similar process to entering the contests here).........