Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free ebook download Macromedia Flash MX Bible pdf file

Free ebook download Macromedia Flash MX Bible and learn it easily. Here some contetns from this book.

Ready to take your Flash knowledge to the next level? Then Macromedia Flash MX Advanced
for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickPro Guide is your ticket. Designed for professionals
like yourself-users who have mastered the basics of Flash but need help with the advanced
animation techniques and ActionScripting--this guide is a must-have for graphic designers,
Web animators, game programmers, interface designers, and multimedia pros.
In this volume, veteran Flash instructor Russell Chun eschews "cool effects" and case studies
for an approach that emphasizes methodology and problem-solving. Using the task-based
format that readers have come to expect from this popular series, Russell has divided the text
into three primary sections: animation, navigation, and interactivity...........

Another condition you can test for is whether a movie clip intersects another
movie clip. The game of Pong, for example, simply detects collisions between
the ball, the paddles, and the wall, all of which are movie clips. Detecting
movie- clip collisions can be useful on sophisticated e-commerce sites as well.
Suppose that you develop an online-shopping site that lets your customers
drag merchandise into a shopping cart...........

Use tweening wherever you can instead of frame-by-frame animation. In an
animation, Flash only has to remember the keyframes, making tweening a far
less memory-intensive task.
Tween symbols instead of groups. Each group in the keyframes of a tween
must be downloaded, whereas only the single symbol in a tween must be
downloaded. Moreover, groups don’t allow you to apply instance effects like
Tint, Brightness, or Alpha............