Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free ebooks download Interview With The Vampire pdf file

Free ebook download Interview With The Vampire  and learn it easily. Here are some contents from this ebook

" I meant that I was wrong about myself, about my not denying him
anything. " His eyes moved over the far wall and fixed on the panes of
the window. " He began to see visions. "
" Real visions? " the boy asked, but again there was hesitation, as if
he were thinking of something else.
" I didn't think so, " the vampire answered. It happened when he was
fifteen. He was very handsome then. He had the smoothest skin and
the largest blue eyes. He was robust, not thin as I am now and was
then . . . but his eyes . . . it was as if when I looked into his eyes I
was standing alone on the edge of the world . . . on a windswept
ocean beach. There was nothing but the soft roar of the waves. Well, ".....

" Ali . . . excuse me, " he whispered. " What did you say? Did you
sell the plantations? "
" No, " said the vampire, his face calm as it had been from the start. "
I laughed at him. And he . . . he became incensed. He insisted his
command came from the Virgin herself. Who was I to disregard it?
Who indeed? " he asked softly, as if he were thinking of this again. ".....

" Yes, " said the vampire, looking at him without surprise. " I want to
go on telling you. " But as his eyes passed over the boy and returned to
the window, he showed only faint interest in the boy, who seemed
engaged in some silent inner struggle.
" But you said you didn't know about the visions, that you, a vampire
. . . didn't know for certain whether . .