Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free ebook download Networking For Dummies pdf file

Free ebook download Networking For Dummies and learn it easily. Here some contents from this book.

We say traditionally because wireless solutions are also available for small
networks, and you may prefer to take that route. In fact, wireless is at a point now
where the network speed is comparable to traditional wired networks while offering
the flexibility of moving your computers just about anywhere in your home and
being able to connect.......

Also, the service must be available for the physical location of your home. Before you
can rush to order DSL services, your telephone company must provide the technology
that DSL requires, and you must live within about 3.5 miles (5.5 km) of a telephone
company central switching office (CO), or local telephone exchange as its known in

Here are some of the causes of low voltage, along with possible fixes:
l Too many appliances are plugged into the same circuit as your computer.
l An appliance that’s a voltage pig (central air conditioning, electric heating
systems) kicks on, disrupting voltage throughout the house.
l Your laser printer (or powerful inkjet color printer) is plugged into the same
circuit as your computer. See the section “Protecting Printers,” later in this