Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free ebook download Java Game Programming For Dummies pdf file

Free ebook download Java Game Programming For Dummies and learn many things. Here are some contents from this book.

This book shows you the techniques that make games tick, and gives you
dozens of working Java code examples. In addition, each example is backed
up by detailed explanations that fully deconstruct the code so that you can
see how everything works. You can start from these working examples and
customize them, use the parts to create entirely new games, or simply use
them as a source of ideas for writing your own custom game code.
While this book does, where necessary, discuss a little theory, the real heart
of the book is intended more like a hands-on auto shop class than a physics
lecture. After all, understanding how a water pump works is a lot easier if
you can hold one in your hand and see where it fits on a real car engine....

Making puzzle pieces that act
like real puzzle pieces
One of the trickiest aspects of coding the puzzle is designing the logic that
makes the puzzle pieces act like real puzzle pieces placed on a real board_
For example, when you try to slide a puzzle in the direction of an adjacent
piece, the adjacent piece either blocks the first piece from moving, or, if tha
piece is able to slide in the same direction, is pushed along.
To accomplish this, each puzzle piece needs to know its size and current
position and be able to check the size and position of the other pieces.

Sprites are most useful for 2-D games - particularly arcade games where
you have a background and various objects moving over it. You use sprites
to represent game elements that move around the screen, although you can
also use sprites for stationary game elements. Game elements can be any
object in your game: spaceships, bullets, explosions, little men, obstacles,
walls, vicious blobs of slime, or a plumber named Mario.
Movable sprites contain code to move across a game background - which
brings up the questions of where and how to move the sprite - so we show
you how to give your sprites enough intelligence to answer these questions.......