Sunday, January 13, 2013

Free ebook download Digital Art Photography For Dummies (2006) pdf file

Free ebook download Digital Art Photography For Dummies (2006) and learn everythings. Here some contents from this book.

Recognizing lines, shapes, and forms
You probably learned as a kid that two points make a line and that four lines
fit together to make a rectangle. Later in life, you also likely learned about
intersecting lines, parallel lines, and all the types of triangles. Then 3-D
spaces of area and volume were next.
I know, I know: “It’s math — ugh, geometry, at that! — and you can’t make me
like it any more than spinach.”..........

Color and the atmosphere
Color changes according to the light available, which in turn is affected by
environmental variables and atmospheric conditions, including pollution,
haze/fog, the season, and time/temperature of day.
Generally, the more polluted the sky is, the less intense the sun will be......

Overexpose and Underexpose
As I discuss in Chapter 5, you can do a lot to make your image stunning while
you shoot outdoors. When the sun shines on your subject, change your
exposure compensation so that it reads in the minus column
(underexposure) to deepen your colors...........